Ever wished you could combine the exotic allure of Indian food with the portability of a hot dog?

wrapThis was the exact issue facing Calcutta street food vendors during India's colonial period.

The British residents did seem to enjoy Indian food, but some apparently found it too messy for their sensibilities. Curry stains and Victorian era formalwear simply did not make a good match.

The solution: "Kathi" rolls The identity of the Calcuttan resident who first took juicy, flavorful chunks of spiced meat, and decided to wrap them in warm, flaky parathas, is sadly lost to history. As with many other legendary street foods, there are several variations of the tale. What is known for sure is that they earned their name from the stick which they used to be wrapped around--Kathi being the Bengali word for stick. Soon, however, the consumers of this street food decided that they did not need quite so much separation from their food, and the stick was dispensed with. Today, Kathi rolls are a fixture of Calcutta's street food scene, and for good reason: they are truly one of a kind. Calcutta Roll Company proudly carries on the tradition of Calcutta's street vendors, making these mouthwatering delicacies available across the United States.

  • Paneer
  • Soy Kabab
  • Chicken Kabab
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Malai Chicken
Medium Hot and Tangy Chili Sauce
Extra Hot & Tangy Chili Sauce
Hot & Tangy Habanero Sauce

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